(continued from start page) Your compassion  was wonderful and the mother and her friends and relatives all agree that you gave extra in helping everyone through this most difficult time. We really appreciate your concern and wanted you to know this in writing. We will certainly express our satisfaction with your facility to anyone who asks.  Arlene B.

We at Robinson-Lytle would like to share
what a few of our families had to say about us.

Bradley Adamson’s compassion, service, etc. was exceptional.   Brad was a gift from God.
Richard Wolfe was extremely helpful and sensitive to the needs of the entire family.  He was available to us as we needed him.
The staff was professional, caring, and helpful.
What was most meaningful to me was all of the extra things they do for no extra charge.

Brad was very patient and caring—even after calling him several times.  He listened to what I needed and cared about my decisions.

Richard Wolfe was excellent in his position.  He is knowledgeable, compassionate, and very helpful.
Getting our dad to look like himself before his illness had to be a tough job, but they did it!  I didn’t think it was possible.  We were very pleased!
They cared about hairstyle, make-up, and overall appearance of the our mother and carefully followed our requests in every detail.
Brad Adamson was knowledgeable, professional, showed compassion, and was well liked by the family.

The funeral directors were very compassionate, and I was not rushed to any decisions.

The prompt, courteous answers to our questions with thorough explanations were most meaningful to me.

The staff was excellent in attention to detail and handled everything very professionally. I was very satisfied.

new comments as of 9-2-03

"We received super assistance in making arrangements, and they followed through in every detail with dignity and respect.

Richard Wolfe, Bradley Adamson, and staff made every effort to provide our family with their expertise in arranging for the viewing and funeral service showing their love at this stressful time.”


"Robinson-Lytle, Inc. had been used by our family for previous generations and were very thorough and kind.

We found the same to be true now and will plan to use their services again as needed.”

“We were extremely satisfied with the services that we received. Mr. Wolfe and his staff provided a service with dignity and compassion.

And the family, relatives and friends all commented on the smooth way the funeral was handled.”

“One great aspect of the firm’s service that was most meaningful to me was the preparation and appearance of the deceased, the  staff’s assistance and understanding, and we were extremely satisfied with Brad and all the assistance he provided.”

“The Personal attention from the staff was most meaningful to me.”


“We were absolutely and completely satisfied, Richard Wolfe and his staff need to be commended for providing us with an outstanding service, and for the compassion that they showed our family.”


“I was very satisfied with Bradley Adamson’s care and attention, he pursued exactly what I needed.”


“Everyone is so kind and considerate that’s why we choose to do business with Robinson-Lytle, Inc.

We were very, very pleased with Richard Wolfe and with Bradley Adamson.”

These comments have been provided to us from the Consumer Information Bureau, Family follow-Up Surveys that each of the families that we serve receives after the funeral of a loved one. We thank you and appreciate you for taking the time to complete the survey.

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