Our staff is on call 24 hours a day every day of the year. We will care for your loved one as if he or she was a member of our own family. If visitation is desired, our expert staff will prepare the deceased to reflect your most pleasant memories. At Robinson-Lytle, Inc. we believe that viewing the body can benefit the family by aiding the healing process. Our experience tells us that when the opportunity to view is not taken, people can be left with a void and regrets.


The funeral director will gather information to understand your wishes and get to know your family. He will guide you through the many options in funeral services and present you with a price list, etc., so you are able to make a well-informed decision. We at Robinson-Lytle, Inc. believe in serving people of all faiths and all financial backgrounds. We provide a wide range of services and merchandise to meet the needs of our families. The funeral director will handle all the details to provide you with a dignified service for your loved one.


During the visitation family and friends may gather to provide support to the family. Although viewing of the body is usually done during visitation, it is not required. Pictures, memorabilia, etc. can be displayed or videos played to reflect the life of the deceased.

This helps people contemplate about the life that has been lived and help them pay respect to the deceased and the family members. During visitation special religious, fraternal, military, or candlelight services may also take place. PARKING

A funeral service is similar to other ceremonies marking milestone of a person's life. Just as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and graduations are important events, the funeral service is a ceremony marking the end of someone's life. We understand that there are many different traditions, and we respect that. Our staff will design a special service that reflects your style and traditions. Special music, singers, speakers, poems, videos, etc. can be used to create a personalized experience. We at Robinson-Lytle, Inc. will provide a meaningful ceremony with respect and dignity. You can count on us to handle all the details. Our goal is your complete satisfaction.

We personalize your service by having our organist play the songs that the family requests.

We also have a wide selection of CDs to customize your service with your preferences.

Becky Muir, organist