Robinson-Lytle, Inc. is conveniently located at 36 North Seventh Street on the corner of Seventh and Nixon in beautiful downtown Indiana.


Our remodeling included new carpeting throughout, new wallpaper, and some window treatments to complete the picture.  Our elegant, yet homey décor has warm, inviting colors, comfortable seating, and beautiful lighting from the new chandeliers that grace our entrances. 

Our spacious visitation rooms accommodate large groups of people or offer our families an intimate gathering place if they choose.

The children’s room/library conveniently located near our main viewing room has books, toys, movies, and games for the children.  It also contains books, pamphlets, and videos for anyone who wants to gain some knowledge, encouragement, or peace of mind while experiencing a hard time with grief, loneliness, etc.

Our lounge on the second floor is an “out-of the-way” place to take a break, get some coffee or soda, or read a magazine.  It provides our families a quiet place to relax or “escape” for a few minutes.


As the largest funeral home in Indiana County, our facility includes six viewing rooms with ample space for guests, seating as many as 200 people for a funeral or memorial service. Our elegant décor provides an atmosphere conducive to dignified, respectful services for our families.

Our lounge and conference area are located on the second floor. The lounge is a relaxing place where family and friends can gather. It is furnished with assorted periodicals, coffee, and other beverages.


Our Children’s Room/library is conveniently located near our main viewing room. It is equipped with a TV, VCR, play table, children's videotapes, books, toys, and games.


Our Library contains an extensive selection of books and videotapes with information to assist you with coping with loss. They are available to be signed out upon request. We also have a variety of booklets and pamphlets that are available free of charge.



Leaders in Funeral Service for more than a Century!