Someday, someone is going to have to plan your funeral. It would probably be someone you love..your spouse, children or another close family member.
Or it could be you.

Prearranging your own funeral is one of the most responsible and caring things you can do. It provides comfort and peace of mind to both you and your loved ones.

It is a way to relieve your loved ones of the tremendous burden and responsibility of planning your final services at a time of loss and stress. Prearranging is their assurances, and yours, that the final arrangements are exactly what you wanted.
How does prearranging work?
Arranging a funeral before the need arises is a sensible and responsible plan. Funeral prearranging will reflect your precise desires...type of service, a casket or urn, a vault; yes, you determine the cost.
Some folks choose to simply provide us with their family, obituary, cemetery, and veteran information and record their wishes regarding services and merchandise.

Many others pre-finance their funeral arrangements (or those of a loved one) and take advantage of discounts for single payments or affordable payment plans that offer full protection to survivors, should death occur before full payment is made.

Regardless of your situation, there is a prearranging or pre-financing program to meet your needs. We have licensed financial professionals on staff to help you determine what type of plan fits your budget.
Pre-financing may allow you to:
  • Lock in a price at today's cost
  • Establish a payment plan (often interest free)
  • Qualify for Medicaid assistance
  • Protect funds from personal care/nursing homes
  • Let existing insurance and other savings help your survivors in other ways, besides paying for a funeral
We offer a Pre-financing Guarantee
Perhaps the greatest advantage of pre-financing is our guarantee to provide the services and merchandise in the future, no matter the cost. You are essentially paying today's price for a service that will be provided sometime in the future.
Ask our staff how you can enjoy peace of mind while saving those you love expense and the responsibility of making important decisions during a difficult time.
We would be happy to meet with you at our facility or in your home to discuss our pre-arrangement program.